Why Apex Legends doesn't need to worry about Fortnite or PUBG

Published: 1 year ago By: Steve@FGCArena

Apex Legends - the new game from Titanfall studio Respawn Entertainment - has had quite the journey. Leaked one minute, playable the next, and suddenly it's seen a staggering 25 million users to cement itself as one of the biggest battle royale games - all in a matter of weeks!

Four of those players - guides editor Matthew Reynolds, reporter Emma Kent, guides writer Chris Tapsell and Metabomb staff writer Ed Thorn (who you might remember from round these parts doing a spot of news last year) - talk about what makes it such a success, and why it stands out from the competition enough that it doesn't need to worry about Fortnite or PUBG - provided it gets those all-important updates right.

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