Published: 7 months ago By: fgcmack

Today, North America’s largest collegiate esports league, Collegiate StarLeague (CSL), announced a partnership with leading short-form video platform TikTok to create a brand new esports event, the TikTok Cup. Collegiate players will have the opportunity to compete online across four popular titles, earning their share of the $60K in prize money to support education expenses; that will be split amongst the winners. In addition, by submitting their gaming TikTok videos to the #TikTokCupContest, any college student can nab even more prizes!

Starting on May 9th, participants can face off in the TikTok Cup playing Fortnite, League of Legends, Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, and Rocket League in online matches for bragging rights and amazing prizes. Players looking to sign up to compete in their favorite games can do so starting today, registrations taking place at

In a press release announcing the TikTok Cup, Collegiate StarLeague CEO Wim Stocks said, “Collegiate StarLeague is thrilled to collaborate with the TikTok team to give collegiate gamers the opportunity to create their own content celebrating the intersection of esports, gaming, and the joy of creating TikTok videos.”

Of course, the TikTok Cup wouldn’t be complete without player-submitted TikTok videos. By tagging their funniest, most creative,or heartwarming videos with #TikTokCupContest, CSL competitors can enter to win gear and additional cash prizes. The best of the best will be featured on the TikTok Cup broadcast, as well as the CSL official TikTok page.

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