Rainbow Six Esports Gets Viewership Boost from Six Invitational

Published: 1 year ago By: FGC Arena Rightoff

Rainbow Six’s total hours watched was up from 5.65M for the week of the Six Invitational in 2018!

The Six Invitational for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege again saw year-over-year growth in Twitch viewership for the event that was played from Feb. 11-17 leading to 6.02M hours watched of the game for last week.

Rainbow Six’s total hours watched was up from 5.65M for the week of the Six Invitational in 2018. However, last year’s Six Invitational was played across one fewer day spanning only Feb. 13-18.

This year’s event was the third annual Six Invitational since the game was released in January 2016, and it serves as the pinnacle of Rainbow Six esports. The tournament included 16 teams divided into four groups with a prize pool of $2M USD, and it was played at the Place Bell in Montreal, Canada.

The increase in viewership for R6’s most significant esports event comes following a year in which the title more than doubled its hours watched to 87.56M for all of 2018, up from 40.79M in 2017. That jump came largely due to spikes in viewership for the title associated with esports events.

The increase in viewership for R6 on Twitch was led by the official Rainbow Six: Siegechannel, which boasted a 2.45M hours watched total with an average CCV of 61.63K. The event also saw the channel peak at 147.17K CCV.

Last year, the main channel recorded better viewership with 3.5M hours watched with an average of 72.09K CCV, but alternative language streams this year, helped the title make year-over-year improvements.

Eight of the top 10 channels from last week broadcasted the Six Invitational in various languages, including Portuguese, Japanese, French, and Russian, while only five of the top 10 channels during the Six Invitational week in 2018 were for the event.

Led by the R6 Brazil Twitch channel racking up 1M hours watched, alternate language broadcasts accounted for more than 2M hours watched for R6, and eight streams eclipsed 100K hours watched.

All together, the Six Invitational proved how much of an esports dependent title R6 truly is. Reeling in more than 6M hours watched in just a week is more than just an enormous deviation from the norm. It’s more than six times the viewership the title received in the previous week, and it’s around 2.4M hours watched higher than the entire month of January.

Original Article : Max Miceli